Sunday, 10 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial music Student: Progress

Hi guys!

So this week was Reading Week at uni, it is not a holiday but there are no classes. So I decided this week would be creative week, writing, recording etc. It went SO fast!

I was productive though, worked on the swap track for The Released Recording. Having never recorded my vocals in a studio before I'm so proud of myself because I know my way around now. Feeling like a boss I managed to record the whole song yesterday. The swap track has been through a lot I must say. I wrote two songs to the same beat both with completely different meanings.

 The first 'What's Love' is about love, a girl goes through a break up and questions whether what 'they say' loves means is true with the chorus: 'They all talk about love/But do they even know what it means...See I've heard it all before/ But do we even really know what it means (what it means)'. I felt like the track was too fast for the lyrics even though melodically it went and  didn't not reflect the upbeat club tempo of the track or the vibe. The second song I wrote to the track chorus is : 'Dj/DJ/ Just keep playing the songs (keep playing the songs) DJ/DJ/ Yeah tonight we're caring less and party more..DJ/Dj/ Got us in the zone/ care less and party more/ me and my girls killing the dance floor/ bass rhythm and heat/ the guys can't take it/ can't take it.' This just goes perfectly melody, vibe and the lyrics much more than the first. This song 'Care Less/Party More' is about a girl who wants to let go of the burdens of the world, not caring what people think and just party. Now that I've got the skeleton recorded, I can work on the bridge, and harmonies and work to getting it mixed in the next two weeks.


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